To the sanctuary of knowledge!

Here you can learn all you need to know about becoming an artist or improving your current skills! There are lots of categories, on various art-related topics, for you to explore! If you want to submit your artwork for critique, click the submit our artwork button below.

Who is the Sanctuary for?

If you are an artist who want’s to improve on his skills, an artlover, who want’s to learn more about the history of art or a patreon, who want’s to get updates about Andrijan’s future projects. This is the site for you!

As an artist, you will find blog posts about improving your art, with drawing/painting
tips and tricks, the basics about the fundamentals of drawing, material guides,
book reccomendations and much more…

As an artlover, you will find blog posts about the history of art, containing short
biographies of famous painters, analyzing their works, getting familliar with the
different art genres and much more…

As a patreon, you will find blog posts about the journey of Andrijan Kovacic, containing
work in progress/behind the scences posts, final works and thoughts, notifications about
future exhibitions, videos and much more…


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Please note, that submited artwork needs a good amount of time until it will be shown. You will get notified by e-mail, when your critique is uploaded. Your critique will be posted anonymosly. I prefer a public blog post critique rather than a private one, so other artists who might have similar difficulties with their artwork, can benefit from the feedback too!