Andrijan Kovacic Gallery

This is a gallery dedicated to the works of Andrijan Kovacic, all works are original and created only with traditional mediums. Oil, mechanical- , graphite pencil, charcoal, soft pastel and ink.

Landscape paintings

quote on painting

,,There is something so stunning, so beautiful, so impactful, so marvelous, so timeless, perfect & imperfect at the same time in painting a landscape, that I can not resist, but embrace, painting them."

-Andrijan Kovacic

Example 1

One of the first paintings

This is from the time when Andrijan started out with painting landscapes on canvas. We are in the year of 2016. His inspiration and idol was at this point in time, Bob Ross. He inspired him to paint. There is potentential in this painting, a step in the right direction, but the journey would still be long and full of practice and failiure…

Further Progression

We are still in 2016, compared to the previous example-, except for the obvious change of seasson,- you can already see improvement on the way he painted. The clouds are more refined, the mountains show clearer detail, highlights, shaddow and contrast. The general depth of the painting has upgraded, since Andrijan used different tones, for example; a pathway of blue to create the Illusion of trees far away in the distance…

Example 2

Example 3

stepping up the game

A year of painting in the style of Bob Ross has passed, bringing us into the year of 2017. The improvement can be seen clearly. Andrijan has focused most of his attention to create stunning views of mountains with the pallete knife. This is a good example of his acomplishment. The mountains have thick, structured shapes and are full of texture, at the same time, they are soft and appear misty in its view. Andrijan started to put more attention to the reflections in the water, for example you can see how the sun and distance trees are reflected. This time, he used the same colour of the sky and implied it onto the water. Compared to Example 1, this is a big step up…  

breaking the chains

As Andrijan painted more and more landscapes, he started to get tired of the methods that Bob Ross is using, he found that he is too limited to only one way of painting, he did not want for people to look at his work and say ,,oh that looks like a Bob Ross painting”. Hence why he started to break the chains and try to see nature through his own eyes, through his imagination. He started using a brush, instead of a pallete knife, to create a mountain, he thought about the small shapes, the individuall rocks and trees that are all there. In the sky, he wanted mighty clouds, no more white floaters, colour, vibrancy, interest and most of all, beauty, is what he wanted to express. Painting in the ground, the grass, he expirimented with horizontal strokes of paint, followed up with some small verticals, creating little shapes and bushes, playing with darker and lighter tones of green he wanted to create more depth in a “flat” and open landscape.

Example 4

Example 5

Discovering new land

We are now in the year of 2018. The year where Andrijan started to explore and be curious about different artists and their way of painting. In this example he recreated a scene and a painting of Van Gogh, the famous and worldwide known neo-impressionistic painter. Andrijan has painted this piece with in one go, you could almost say he painted alla prima; using the colours and applying them seperatley next to each other with a pallete knife, he created a clean look of the scene…

...To be continued...

Portrait drawings