The first love lasts an eternity, it feels exciting, the second one feels familiar and the third one is getting old pretty quick.

once you have it, you don’t want it, once you lose it, you need it.

Then you are collecting thoughts of things that might have been, if you had the knowledge at the right time.

questions ring from far away in the distance;
is it right to feel wrong? or is it wrong to think that it’s right?

Is anybody getting something out of this all? or are we all just stumbling through the dark?!

To wonder and wonder, who is going to be mine and fulfill my hopes and dreams, of whom I long to be. Will there ever be someone, to fill the void inside? or are we doomed, to live a lonely life?

Is love just a need that we feel? or again, a void that is open for interpretation, since no one knows the right answer. a mystery, unsolved for centuries, since the beginning of mankind, you could ask yourself, am I doing it right?

Is there more to it than what seems to be?

or is it like Shakesbier said ,,to be or not to be?”

Does it matter? Some might ask, if not, then what does? reply the lonely hearts.

questions seem to haunt us, quickly write them down.-

before you forget what you wanted to tell us.

Tho it may seem difficult at times, express yourself the way you would like, this wins the battle of the time.

Thoughts might be deceiving, as if you couldn’t tell an act from a lie, don’t let them reel you in, and stand against the evil, until it is your time.

The time to shine and the glory to receive, for who is worthy, shall live in peace.

confusing times, for confused minds, while they concern themselves with conserving lies.